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Tax Exemption for International Teachers

If you are, or have previously been, teaching in Thailand you may be eligible for a refund of all your Thai income tax.

Further information may be found by clicking the following link to the country you lived in for the year before visiting Thailand to teach :


Testimonials from teachers who have received tax treaty refunds.

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Tax-free Opportunities after Thailand

As teachers prepare to leave Thailand for another country we also provide advice on the availability of tax treaty relief elsewhere. The following table provides links to schools that teachers have moved to in other countries where tax treaty relief is available. It should be noted that each country has its own way of handling the teacher tax treaty exemption and it must not assumed that a claim is possible without confirming this with us beforehand.

For teachers who intend teaching in a country which has a reciprocal agreement with Thailand for a teaching tax exemption, it will be necessary to obtain a Residence Certificate from the Revenue Department of Thailand in order to claim the exemption in that other country. We are able to obtain these certificates. In some countries schools will pay salaries without deducting tax, but otherwise teachers will have to claim their tax back at the end of the contract, but in both instances a residency certificate will be required in order to claim.

Thai Tax Residency Certificate

For teachers who require a Thai Police Criminal Record Background check, we retain the records necessary to provide this service long after you have departed Thailand

Police Criminal Record Background Check

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