Siam International Accounting Management Ltd.

Thailand Teaching Community - Additional Services


We have represented over nine hundred teachers in obtaining refunds of Thai taxation under various tax treaties, and are able to provide additional services to the teaching community as a consequence.

If you are living in Thailand and you plan to continue teaching in another country which has a reciprocal agreement with Thailand for a teaching tax exemption it will be necessary to obtain a Tax Residency Certificate from the Revenue Department of Thailand. We are able to obtain these for a fee of ThB 11,500 for past clients, or ThB 23,000 if we have not represented you in the past. The service usually takes one month, and if you are a present or past client of ours we are likely to have much of the documentation on record already, hence the lower fee.

In order to assist with completion of forms in Thai, interpretation at meetings, and official documents we are capable of providing very precise technical translation facilities in-house.

For further information please contact us by email below detailing the dates you worked in Thailand and who you worked for during that time.,


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